Miyerkules, Enero 18, 2012

You are what you think!

Every second in our existence we are using our brains to think rationally or irrationally. We use this to create ideas and in the general view our brain is the one controlling us in so many ways.

Since our brain is the one controlling us, it is also the brain's responsibility what we are right now. Today, we are going to focus on our subconscious mind. First, we have to know what is the subconscious mind? According to M. Farouk Radwan Msc, subconscious mind is the storage of all our previous life experiences, our memories, our beliefs, the situations we've been through and images we've seen. You see, the subconscious mind is the reason of our behavior. If we want to be successful in life we have to think deeper and recollect our thoughts,"what have we done in the past to make us become what we are right now" In this way we can apply approaches in dealing with our behavior. Be in silence for a while and think about yourself, your personality, your goals and dreams.

Meditating is the best solution for this. When we install something good to our minds we will have a good performance, it is as simple as this. In meditating, go to a closed and quite room making sure that no one will disturb you in your activity. Think calmly and relax, and then think of something that you want in life, something good. For example, if you want to become a successful singer then think like a singer. Imagine that you are already a singer in your thoughts make a clear vision of that person. Doing this process for 30 minutes everyday your subconscious mind will activate this thought and it will attract the forces that will lead you to become a singer. As a result for this, your body will respond unconsciously, all of a sudden you began looking for ways to sing, you hum while doing the kitchen works, you sing in the bathroom, you listen to music all the time, even if your conscious mind will tell you to stop singing your subconscious mind will tell you to hum. So nothing can stop you to become a great singer.

As buddha would say "you are what you think. All that you are arises from your thoughts. With your thoughts you make your world" Give yourself more time to meditate, and start something fresh to your life.Let's make a habit of thinking about love, health, hope, cheerfulness, opulence and everything nice that you think will put you to the top. If you think more about hatred, pain and negative emotions your day will never be peaceful; you cannot think correctly, you will be unproductive and worst you'll age sooner. Think for success!